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PVC Foam Board

PVC Foam Board

PVC (Poly-vinyl Chloride) boards are PVC foam boards that have most properties of wood and are better than wood themselves. Being chemically created, they do away with all limitations of boards.

We, at SISCON, offer wide variety of PVC Foam Boards for various applications.
A. White Board (PVC White Foam Board)
B. Colored

A. White PVC Foam Board
White boards manufactured and supplied by SISCON are available in Matt as well as glossy surface finishes. They have hardness strength and other properties of any PVC boards and hence are widely used. Other major advantage of PVC White Boards from SISCON is that they do not need any lamination, keeping the operations minimal and also saves on costs. With excellent surface finish and better performance, they are suitable for commercial as well as residential construction.
B. Colored PVC Foam Board

We, at SISCON, believe that colors bring life to furniture and construction elements. Aesthetics have now become an integral part of daily living. To meet your needs of elegance, we have developed a wide range of colored PVC Foam Boards.

Available in more than 6 colors, and expanding the color palette, SISCON offers you enough variety to choose from. Our expertise in master-batching process and use of high quality pigments makes sure your boards and furniture look elegant for years to come. With totally automated process, we can manufacture big batch sizes enabling us ZERO delivery lead times. These empower the customer to go for direct applicaiotn without need to laminate.