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PVC Foam Board

PVC (Poly-vinyl Chloride) boards are PVC foam boards that have most properties of wood and are better than wood themselves. Being chemically created, they do away with all limitations of boards.

We, at SISCON, offer wide variety of PVC Foam Boards for various applications.
A. White Board (PVC White Foam Board)
B. Colored

WPC Foam Board

WPC Foam Boards or Wood Plastic composite Boards, as they are named by the experts, are manufactured by SISCON in a highly quality controlled environment. Though they have a component of wood, they have much better properties than wood. They are water resistant, Chemical proof, and not attractive to termites. Their look feel and touch are similar to wood. The texture also matches wooden textures, giving them a virtual edge over wood.

However, they have better strength properties. Their dimensional stability, anti warping property, non cracking rotting characteristics make them the preferred choice for many applications. They have a harder surface and are wear resistant, making them ideal for commercial usage as well.

They are available in different colors as well.

Solid PVC/WPC Doors

PVC/WPC Doors are highly appreciated easy to install doors for homes and offices. With the many benefits of light weight, durability, water and chemical resistance, they have developed a great demand.

At SISCON, we craft PVC/WPC Doors from our own PVC/WPC Sheets and boards. Thus they promise high performance and longer life. They are available in wide variety of colors, designs and finishes of Matt and glossy.

The doors are made of right kind of joints and rails using PVC/WPC solvent so they are completely water proof. This gives them better screw holding capacity, protection against sagging and moisture gathering.

Moreover they are easy to maintain, lower in price than a Wooden door and have great insulation properties. They are light weight and workable, giving flexible installation options.